3 Types house designs in Kenya and Cost

house designs in Kenya and Cost

There are various house designs in Kenya, ranging from simple and affordable designs to more elaborate and luxurious options. The cost of building a house in Kenya can vary depending on factors such as the design, size, location, materials used, and finishes chosen. However, I can provide you with a general idea of the cost ranges for different types of houses in Kenya:

1. Low-Cost Houses

        These are typically small, simple, and basic houses. They are houses for starters or low budget individuals. The last few years, the Government of Kenya has been promoting affordable housing. Most of the affordable houses are 1 bedroom houses to three bedroom houses. 

The cost of these affordable houses fit the cost of low-cost houses as most of them range from KES 800,000 to KES 1.5 million (approx. $7,500 to $14,000). You can do an affordable 1 bedroom house in Kenya at the cost of Kshs.800, 000 and upto a simple low cost and small 3 bedroom house measuring not more than 10O square metres at Kshs.1.5M. You can consult several house designs in Kenya that is achievable at this budget.

2. Standard Houses

Some of the best house designs in Kenya and cost are founded in standard houses. These are moderately sized houses with standard finishes and amenities. They are build using stronger materials and with a higher design input. The type of finishes is also superior to low cost houses’ finishes.

A lot of house plans and costs in Kenya that fall in this category are found within the upcoming neighborhoods of cities and towns. They tend to be areas set for family homes and not rental apartments. These houses are more in urban settings.

The cost of house plans in Kenya for such houses are also slightly higher as compared to the cost of low-cost houses. 3 bedroom house plans and cost in Kenya forms the majority of the standard houses in Kenya and cost range: KES 1.5 million to KES 10 million (approx. $14,000 to $93,000).

3. High-End Houses

  These are larger houses with high-quality finishes and luxurious features. These types of houses are mainly for the reserves of top earners in any economy. These houses focus majorly on high quality and luxurious features.  The owners are not so keen on the budget but rather what is in a house design.

House Plans in Kenya Per Categories

Flat Roof House Designs
Five Bedrooms House Plans
Church House Plans
Bungalow House Plans
Apartment House Plans
Three Bedrooms House Plans
One Bedroom House Plans
Maisonette House Plans
Four Bedrooms House Plans

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The cost of house plans in Kenya is as high as Kshs.50, 000 or even more. In fact, the clients for such houses are willing to pay more just to get the desired end product. The Cost of building high end houses range: KES 10 million to KES 100 million (approx. $93,000 to $930,000) or more.

Please note that these cost ranges are rough estimates and can vary significantly depending on your specific requirements and location. Additionally, the costs mentioned above do not include the cost of purchasing land or professional fees (architectural and engineering services).

It is advisable to consult with architects, contractors, or professionals in the construction industry in Kenya to get a more accurate estimate based on your desired house design and specifications. They can provide detailed cost estimates and guide you through the process of building a house in Kenya.

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