Cost of building a house in Kenya.

Buying a house in Kenya is quite expensive, building a house goes for a fortune. This article examines the costs of building a house in Kenya in 2022 and beyond. With more real estate businesses growing in the country the number of people keeps growing, then majority of them are looking for homes to settle creating an imbalance.

Cost of building a three-bedroom house in Kenya.

Building a three-bedroom house in Kenya can be quite costly, but it’s one of many rewarding projects. Three-bedroom house is a three-roomed house that is designed to be built for averagely three to five people. The average person visiting someone who lives in three-bedroom homes asks for the approximate cost of construction. There is no simple solution in finding someone with a dream home, however, it can be estimated by comparing the average costs of construction for three-bedroom house in Kenya with these techniques. It is important for people to always consider the design.

Cost of building a two-bedroom house in Kenya

Two bedrooms house in Kenya can accommodate a small family with limited room available. A two-bedroom house costs anywhere from 500,000 – 1 million shillings. The below breakdown is prepared for you: these estimates are based on the cost of the basic two bedrooms house. Please be aware of all the challenges involved in building a house.

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Factors to determine the cost of building a house in Kenya

One can choose an ideal house layout. It is very costly to complete a home’s construction. A good finish costs around Ksh. 300,000 square meters for the simple residence or approximately Ksh. 50k sq m for a luxury residence. You could build houses from just ksh. 900000 or higher. Several other factors affect the costs of construction of homes. This factors include;

1.Size of the house

The size of the house is also important considering that the building costs per square meter are higher for smaller homes than bigger homes. This is because,building a large apartment is costly due to things like bathrooms or kitchens that are on a large surface area. The cost is measured in square meters which gives the user an accurate estimation of the construction costs of building a house in Kenya.


The materials used for your home determine their total cost of building a house in Kenya. Materials that perform an identical function vary depending on their quality. The availability of local materials will be cheaper since it saves the extra costs on transportation. When you plan on using large amounts of material, importing may be your better choice since they are discounts offered on bulk purchases.

3.Location of the site

The location or the site on which you build your residence has a very large influence on cost. The topography of the location of the site has an influence to the cost of building a house in Kenya. A flat ground is fair but a slanted one will need balance by constructing a slab that will increase the costs of construction. The surface area of the site also determines the cost of the building. It should be cheaper in cases of white and red soils since they are not moving, in the case of black cotton soils the removal is necessary for reaching rock. Depending on the location of your site, transportation will be more expensive if you are in an area which cannot be easily reached.

House Plans in Kenya Per Categories

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The cost of fittings vary based on the quality of the products you are looking for Lighting fixtures and other accessories. It is a better quality product with a longer lifespan. The total price will likewise depend upon whether you are considering hiring a interior designer or not. you should know that hiring an interior designer is expensive adding up on the total costs of building a house in Kenya.


The quality and quantity of finishes determines the costs of building a house in Kenya. The use of high-end finishes increases building costs substantially. The cost to build compared to the national economy in Kenya is around Sh40,000 a sq meter compared to Sh45,000 a sq meter.

6.House design

A house design in Kenya is layout of the house, this has an impact on the cost of the project. Basic modern residences would be cheaper compared to the traditional detailed houses. Depending on the selected design of your house, the materials required to build your house determine the costs of constructing a house in Kenya

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7.Roofing Material

The cost of building a home in Kenya majorly depends on type of roofing material installed,like for the case of steel roofing which is higher than that of wood. Although many factors will impact the cost of building a steel roof in the region, expect to spend between 300 to 400 shillings per square meter in Kenya.


Building a house in Kenya can be a real deal but it does not have to be if you consider to select the best construction company in Kenya.From the above content, you now have a better understanding of the cost of construction in Kenya.

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