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Getting a perfect house plan for your desired house occurs to be difficult? Or maybe this is the first time you are in search of a house plan in Kenya? It is a perfect coincidence you landed on this page. We offer the best house plans in Kenya, advice on the best plan that can be suitable and the cost for constructing them.

When looking for a plan for your house, you should consider various factors regarding the plan.  Whether the plan if for a luxurious or cheap one, these factors will assist as a guide to getting the perfect plan in Kenya. This factors will determine the cost of building a house on Kenya.


What to have in mind when searching for a house plan in Kenya

1.Size of the  Land

The size of the land will determine the suitable drawing of a plan that is, the architectural drawing on the plan you will choose. A smaller dimensional land will help one settle on the choice of a maisonette to fit the space.

2.Size of the house

This is known by the percentage of space on the land that will be occupied by the house to be constructed. Also, the financial status of the owner will help in space selection. The house size is not dependable on the house plan of a three or two-bedroom house in Kenya.

3.Number of rooms

The number of rooms will help in settling for a certain plan. You will choose the number of rooms depending on the size of the family currently and the expected future.  When planning to get a house in a rural after retirement. It is preferable that you choose a smaller house with few rooms. If you have a large family and need to settle you will take the option of larger and more rooms

4.The shape of the house

Settle on the shape you want your house to be firstly, then consult house plans Kenya on your desired shape of the house.   We assure to give you the best house plan fit for the shape you desire for your house.

5.Fixtures and  electrical provisions

The house installations should be considered in the plan, including electrical installations, plumbing installations and the type of lighting to fix in the house. Details like where to place the switches and the sanitary installations for the house. Normally an architectural plan and mechanical plan should be done so as to get an electrical and plumbing drawing and exactly where to place them.

6.Room requirements

A client should check up on the room provisions on the house plan in Kenya.  Each room has its own space for some appliances to fit in. For example the kitchen, it should have the countertop, space to fix a cooker, fridge, the cabinets etc. This will vary depending on the type or size of appliances, all this information is detailed for the house plan Kenya. The customer should check up on what he prefers and give specifications for the house plan in Kenya.

House Plans in Kenya Per Categories

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Five Bedrooms House Plans
Church House Plans
Bungalow House Plans
Apartment House Plans
Three Bedrooms House Plans
One Bedroom House Plans
Maisonette House Plans
Four Bedrooms House Plans

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