Mansion house in Kenya is gaining dominance among other houses due to their features, simplicity, durability, affordability, and space, among other things and finally, they are accessible at no cost. Housing can be hectic but think of the expenses relieved, the money saved, the privacy, serenity that comes along, pleasure and tranquility that makes you feel nice.

Mansions are house designs that take more than one floor in construction. They are spacious and very presentable. As we build our house many features may come in and the aesthetics applied along with other things may vary the cost of a mansion house in Kenya.

Planning everything before starting the construction process will save you much. A plan is a full drawing showing all the technical details about a building: its entrances, its floors among other things, and it also helps you plan for the actual cost of the mansion house in Kenya.

Advantages of a mansion house in Kenya and having a plan

1. Having a plan


A plan gives you an understanding of all the features that will be included and what exact amount of money is required for building. When building your mansion house in Kenya a plan helps the builders know what to do in terms of measurement and furniture.

Relieves stress

With a plan, worries about the house are rubbed off since everything about what you want is put down on paper and awaits action. You will not worry about builders doing their things contrary to the plan in building the mansion house in Kenya.

2. Mansion


As the mansion house in Kenya majors on having more than one floor, more space is left for other things like an ample parking lot, back and front yard, playgrounds, and many more

Saves on cost

Mansion house in Kenya saves enough for other decorations. The foundation dug will be small as it holds more rooms on the top floors than horizontally on the ground. As more rooms are mounted on each other the space is little with many rooms, hence a smaller roof is used to shelter the many rooms under it.


As more space and cost are saved, the mansion house design in Kenya is becoming affordable to all, depending on the size of the house, number of rooms, specifications, and many other things.

Factors to consider before building your mansion house in Kenya

1. Size of house

The mansion house in Kenya can be even more than seven bedrooms, this depends on the choice you will make

2. Cost

This is something you will never avoid as long as you are building a mansion house in Kenya or any other house. Each house design has its own cost and the cost will also be different when the specifications are added.

3. Family size

The number of people in the family matters a lot. For the family to enjoy the tranquility of the house, more rooms will be required. The best thing is that your mansion house in Kenya can confer for that since it can hold many rooms in a small space.


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By Mitchell Iga

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