maisonette house designs in kenya

As thousands of us would want to build homes, hundreds of them would think of big houses and 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya as the right plan. Biding landlords bye is such a relief. The monthly budget reduces since paying rent is excluded.

4 bedroom house designs in Kenya will come in different models and sizes. Others would think of simplicity in the houses but at the same time one would want a luxurious 4 bedroom house, all these depend on the budget set for construction.

4 bedroom house designs in Kenya (bungalow or maisonette)  a bungalow is typical with rooms all on one level, or sometimes also with upper rooms set into the roof space. A maisonette is an individual habitation or apartment within a large house or group of buildings.

Types of 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya

Contemporary houses

To bring up to date; often specifically to set a historical building in a modern context. 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya can be in this model. The house will modify with time as technology increases.

The house will still have the traditional touches but also be modernized. These features make the house design always stand as a trending house design. The 4 bedroom house design is loved for its ability to bring nature into the house by having large and wide sliding glass walls/windows.


A house, often larger and more luxurious, in the countryside or on the coast, is often used as a retreat. Also, it can be w family house, often semi-detached, in a middle-class street. A country house, with farm buildings around a courtyard. All these definitions of the 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya will depend on the budget of the financial status of the homeowner.


It relates to the reign of Queen Victoria the period from 1837 to 1901.Of the style of architecture or furnishings of that period. This is a borrowed architectural 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya from the Mediterranean countries.  The house is known for its arched doors and windows with a red-tiled roof.

Prefab houses

They are manufactured in advance into a standard format and then assembled on site. The standard format is the full details of the house plan for example 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya, it depends on the type of prefab house that is being built in the factory.


It is a variety of residential buildings where the unit houses lining a street share a particular adjacent wall in common and have a continuous stretch of the roof. The houses are usually gated with private entrances, depending on the builder’s plan it would be a 4 bedroom house design in Kenya.

These big 4 bedroom house designs in Kenya can be installed with smart home automation. These are devices put in a home that is used to control the air conditioning of the house together with the lighting only with a single tap on the smartphone.


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By Mitchell Iga


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